New Year Elbrus climb

10 January 2017

At the beginning of January 2017 our team has opened a new season in the Elbrus region. These New Year holidays our tourist Valery Shapkin decided to climb the top of Mt. Elbrus along with AlpIndustria guides Viktor Yanchenko and Marina Migurskaya. But he could not imagine how extreme it was gonna be!

Winter Elbrus climb

Winter Elbrus climb

Elbrus this winter turned out to be unusually harsh exposing its glacier from the snow to clear ice.

Winter Elbrus climb

In the process of acclimatization the weather was rather tough. But preparation for the ascent went according to the plan, and we hoped for the success of our event.

Winter Elbrus climb

There were strong winds all days long preventing from the ascent. At a wind of 60-80 km / h climbing the ice fields of Mount Elbrus is very difficult.

Winter Elbrus climb

Though the ascent wasn't successful, but a great experience of crampons movement has been learned in the winter ice. And most importantly, it remains a desire to come again and try to climb Elbrus!

AlpIndustria Azau

We opened the new season in the Elbrus region and now we invite you to take part in the program of climbing Elbrus from the South with AlpIndustria in 2017. See you in the mountains!

Photo by Viktor Yanchenko and Marina Migurskaya

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