The Swiss women’s team on Elbrus

26 May 2017

Two climbers from Switzerland, Yvonne Joerg and Anna Tina Simonett, very stubborn and determined in achieving their goal, reached the Western peak of Elbrus (5642 m) on May 12, 2017 at 9.50. And this is their story.

Elbrus climb

Mount Cheget met our guests with good weather conditions and snow. Girls had a nice ski-tour walk to Balda, falling through the snow up to their knees. Elbrus was poorly visible from the slopes of Cheget Mt., but some nice shots were taken anyway. Further acclimatization on Elbrus wasn’t very intensive. Bad weather often happens in the mountains. The snow storm happened at the shelter, 75 km\h wind and no visibility at all. And on the third day of high-altitude acclimatization they managed to climb to the end of the ridge at 4370 m.

Elbrus climb

Elbrus climb

Girls climbed the top of Elbrus on May 12, where they met their compatriots. Then they had a quick desent from the top, went skiing down to the shelter, had tea break and went back to the hotel. Dinner, swimming and deserved rest! That’s all they wanted in the end!

Elbrus climb

Elbrus climb

Photo by Viktor Yanchenko

Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Climbing / Mountaineering

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