Mount Elbrus Climb from the North

Migurskaya Marina

Group Manager of Alpindustria-Terskol.

Climbing experience of 25 years. More than 150 climbs in the Caucasus, in the Pamirs, in Tyan-Shan.

Mountaineering instructor, ski instructor. An experienced guide to Mt.Elbrus - 74 guided groups to the Europeen highest summit.

Has passed the avalanche courses, first medical aid lessons in the mountains.

Chief  manager of the climbing programs in the Caucasus. All questions connected with the Elbrus climb are realized by the Terskol office.

An experienced manager and a serious sportswoman.

In her spare time takes care of 2 children. Fond of travelling.

Telephone number: +7 (495)229-50-70 (доб.106)
Mobile: +7(928) 651-47-48
Skype: migur071

Price per person

AlpIndustria guide
Price per person Low season High season
24.04.2024 - 31.05.2024
Economy Standard Сomfort Economy Standard Сomfort
private tour2 570 €2 640 €
Based on 2 pax2 010 €2 140 €
Based on 3 pax1 640 €1 760 €
Based on 4 pax1 510 €1 640 €
Based on 5 pax1 380 €1 510 €
Based on 6 pax
Based on 7 pax
Based on 8 pax
Based on 10 pax

Buy tickets in advance! Closer to the beginning of the tour the price is significantly increased.
To buy tickets You can independently and with the help of our company.

Alternative to the Southern route

The climb to Elbrus from the North passes along the route of pioneers and first ascents, places that have historical names (Emanuel's glade, the Lenz rocks). We are trying to make this route special. It seems to be an alternative to the overloaded Southern route. You will be closer to the nature, what constitutes such an important spirit of a researcher and a discoverer.

Our camps are located in unique and deserted places.


Level of proficiency

good physical training, mountaineering preparation is desirable, you will obtain necessary mountaineering knowledge and habits during the acclimatizing outputs
from 1 380 €
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The nearest date
5 - 14 August
10 days / 9 nights
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Tour manager

Migurskaya Marina

Telephone number: +7 (495)229-50-70 (доб.106)
Mobile: +7(928) 651-47-48
Skype: migur071
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Day 1
Arrival in Mineralnye Vody. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation in the hotel. Briefing with the guide on personal equipment. Free time.
Day 2
Early in the morning departure from hotel (5 a.m.) to the foot of Elbrus (Emmanuel's Glade 2600 m). The first part of the way is on asphalt road, further on dirt road. The journey takes 5-6 hours. Acclimatization. Walking, exploring waterfalls, bathing in the mineral springs of Djily-Su. Overnight in the base camp in tents on a plateau (2600 m).
Day 3
Acclimatization walk. Delivery of equipment and personal belongings at 3750 m. Ascending along the moraine to the hut (Northern Shelter 3750 m). The journey takes 4 hours uo the hill. While going up, there are extraordinary landscapes in the form of frozen lava opened before your eyes: stoned mushrooms, volcanic bombs, sculptures from lava. Overnight in tents in the base camp on a plateau (2600 m).
Day 4
Ascent to the tent camp on moraine (Northern Shelter, 3750 m, 4-5 hours). Accommodation in tents or in a hut at 3750 m.
Day 5
Acclimatization ascent to Lenz's rocks (8 a.m.) to 4600 m. The climb takes 4-5 hours. Descending to to 3750 m, which takes 1-1,5 hours. Accommodation in tents or in a hut at 3750 m.
Day 6
Day of rest and preparation for the ascent. Practical trainings in moving on the snowy-ice relief with the group guide. Accommodation in tents or in a hut at 3750 m.
Day 7
Ascent to Elbrus Eastern (5621 m) or Western (5642 m). Early ascend (at 3 a.m). Ascent to Elbrus and descent to the shack. The climb takes 8-10 hours. As a rule weather becomes worse in the second part of the day on the north side of Elbrus. Time to return from security conditions is 3 p.m. The time of descent from the summit to the camp at 3,750 m takes 3,5-4 hours. Accommodation in tents or in a hut at 3750 m.
Day 8
Reserve day in case of bad weather. Start at 9 a.m. Descent to Emmanuel's glade (2600 m). The climb down takes 2-3 hr. Overnight in the base camp.
Day 9
Breakfast. Transfer to Pyatigorsk. Certificate awarding ceremony. Free time.
Day 10
Breakfast. Transfer to the Mineralnye Vody airport. Departure.
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2024 Year
Tour dates
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From 05.08 To 14.08
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 16.08 To 25.08
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 26.08 To 04.09
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 06.09 To 15.09
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
2025 Year
Tour dates
Length of tour
Price per person
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From 27.04 To 06.05
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 23.05 To 01.06
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 06.06 To 15.06
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 20.06 To 29.06
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 04.07 To 13.07
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
From 18.07 To 27.07
10 days / 9 nights
from 1 380 €
Mineralniy Vody (480 m) – Pyatgorsk (500 m) – Base camp (2600 m) – Lenz's rocks (4600 m) – Western Elbrus (5642 m) or Eastern (5621 m) – Base camp – Pyatigorsk – Mineralnye Vody
Price includes
Accommodation in the hotel in Pyatigorsk (2 nights)
All the transfers according to the program
Staying in the base camp and tent camps according to the program (7 nights)
Use of group equipment (tents, ropes, kitchen)
Accommodation in the base camp and hut or in the tent camp
2 meals and pocket lunch
Breakfast in the hotel
Group equipment rental
Porters for group equipment
Guide from AlpIndustria
Visa Registration of foreigners
Cook service when acclimatizing and ascending
Extra guide for the ascent period (for a group more than of 3 persons)
Price does not include
Alpine insurance (20 euro)
Personal equipment rental
Extra guide for the ascent period
Single person accommodation
Extra meals and drinks
National Park permit for climbing
Excursions and entertainment in Pyatigorsk

Not included:
Domestic and international air fare. Insurance.
Only ONE attempt of climbing Elbrus is included.
Documents required
International passport, migration card, visa (for foreign citizens).
Climbing Mt. Elbrus is an active kind of sport in the mountains potentially dangerous for life and health for all the participants of this program. Our guides will provide the necessary level of safety in case you follow the Safety Instruction. The guide has a radio, GPS, a mobile telephone, all necessary group equipment.
Decision of stopping the programme when the weather and snow conditions impose a threat to lives of the participants is in exclusive competency of the guide accompanying the group on the route and can not be discussed. The guide is responsible for providing safety on all kinds of mountain relief.
All guests should have medical insurance in case of incidents or immediate illness which can cover medical and other expenses in emergency.
Additional information
During any trek or hike the guide has a radio and a satellite telephone at his disposal. It is possible to get the connection in any place. There is no mobile connection at the base camp and higher. You can have the satellite connection for extra fee. WiFi is available at the hotels.
We deal with the best hotels "Intourist”, "Grand Hotel". These are the modern comfortable hotels with all the necessary structure, cozy rooms (double room), polite and respectful staff. At the base camp we stay at the comfortable 2-bed tents. At the storm camp on 3800 m we offer hut or tent accommodation.
Payment conditions
Please meet our rules of payment conditions.
To provide a successful and safe realization of the program we undertake definite efforts and preparation which require expenses.
Down payment when booking is 5000 rub. In case you cancel the trip it is not refundable.
Full payment should be done not later than 20 days prior to the beginning of the program. Unless full payment is made we consider the trip cancelled in this term and quit the booking.
Please, be aware that the first payment is not refunded in this case.
You can pay in cash in our offices in Moscow and Terskol and make a bank money transfer.
For transfer we use comfortable off-road cars (depending on the group size) like Land Rover, ex-military truck GAZ-66 or UAZ. Transfer airport – hotel – airport is a group transfer and it works once on the arrival day and once on the departure day. In case of necessity we can book an individual car for extra fee.
Full board in the Caucasus is 2 meals a day in hotel restaurants. Pocket lunch while touring and climbing.
We offer you complete and balanced meals useful for people exercising up in the mountains. They include vegetables, meat, fish, bread, cereals, tea, coffee and milk.
If you have food restrictions (for example you are a vegetarian), you should warn us beforehand. We’ll try our best to make you feel comfortable.
At the height of 5000 m or more the weather is rather cold: -20 in summer and -40 in winter. At the base camp it's +15-+30 in summer and 0-+15 in spring and autumn. At 3800 m it's -2- +20 in summer, -5 - 30 in spring and autumn. Sometimes there's a strong wind. We prepare ourselves for the worst weather conditions. At the same time it can be rather hot down the valley.
During the trips the guide has the first aid kit. It is possible to contact the Rescue service in any place. It is necessary for you to have individual medicines.
Extra costs
Moscow - Mineralnye Vody - Moscow flight, international flights
In case of a descent from Elbrus to the hotel earlier than it was planned the guest is responsible for hotel accommodation
There is no refund for the huts booked beforehand. Please meet this with respect. In the rush season there are no places available for all the coming people. So we book the sleeping places beforehand considering all reserve days.
It is worth buying souvenirs, plan it in your budget.
In the valley there are many cafes and restaurants, mostly local cuisine. Dinner or lunch will cost you about 300 rub and more.
Elbrus Traverse
Thank you so much once again for looking after our team on Elbrus so well, they all loved the trip and have come back very happy so thank you and the rest of the team so much.
Helen France
Elbrus Traverse
We have had a great time working with you since we started running trips to Elbrus and very much value you and your team and all the hard work that you have always put in on our trips, going above and beyond to ensure that our trekkers and climbers are incredibly well looked after when they are out with you so a big thank-you from us for all that you have done and continue to do. We are delighted to write to you with the news that we are again full steam ahead with our expeditions to Elbrus.
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