Coronavirus pandemic in the world. Stay healthy! See you in the mountains

13 April 2020

Dear friends, the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in the world is dramatic and tense and looks like the greatest challenge for all of us. Much depends on our patience and understanding. We do hope that all of your nearest and dearest are well and safe! We do believe that very soon we will come back to our normal life. We do believe that very soon not only our souls and minds but our rooms and borders will be open too.

Travelling is the best way of life for uniting people and continents. Mountains are old and wise, they will wait for our return. We will be happy to meet you in our mountains again. Please take care! There is nothing more important than LIFE!

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The UK

Thank you so so much for this. We will be rebooking if we can't travel this July/August. What a terrible situation! Hope that you are well and OKAY. XXX Marni

Thank you so much for your message and we too hope that you and all your loved ones are safe and well. We hope too that life will soon be back to normal, we are thinking of you all, so stay safe. XXX Helen

Hey, great to hear from you! And you are right nothing more important than life! Hope you are ok too and keeping the bug at bay! Rolfe

Hope you're keeping well. Thanks for the message. All is very quiet in the UK. Waiting to be allowed out again! Dean

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Mr. Wu, Taiwan

How about you are all right? Whether business & daily life are affected? I inspect the reports on the Russia & Nalchik epidemic every day. Fortunately there are only 8 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Nalchik. But the spread of infection in Russia, Georgia & Azerbaijan had increased rapidly in the past week and the epidemic is getting closer to Nalchik. The COVID viral infection may cause sequelae of pulmonary fibrosis. So please pay attention to the surrounding infection sources. Avoid to contact with people who come back from pandemic country, avoid crowded place, confined public space with face mask, hand washing with soap, suspend travel. Those things are very simple and very effective. Watch up yourself and family, stay safe and keep healthy. Hope everything are all right for you during the epidemic.

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Manoel, Brazil

Thanks so much for your message. I am in Brazil and safe. Not too happy to be locked down but knowing that this is the best attitude right now. Take care! Manoel Brazil

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Elbrus climb AlpIndustria

Mike, New Zealand

Thanks for the positive vibes. I hope you're doing OK through this major global upheaval. I was/am scheduled with AC to be back on Elbrus this year but unfortunately I can’t see it happening this year. Like you I’ll keep positive, cherish the good memories and wish you all well as we lie low and get through this. Best wishes, Mike

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Gregory, Malta

Indeed, Victoria. Will get through this. Gregory

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Be safe everyone... thinking of all of you as well. Can’t wait for more adventures when this has calmed down. Pramila

Hi, everyone! Our hearts are with you. Be well and stay safe. Looking forward to our next adventure! Earl

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Alex, Russia

Hi, friends! So much more will be interesting in our new world. Take care of yourself, hug your loved ones, do not stop smiling and dreaming of new trips! I miss you all! Alex

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Ricardo, Mexico

Take care. Be safe. Ricardo, Mexico

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Cristiano, Brazil

Thank you. Take care and be safe you too. Cristiano

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Extreme Expeditions, Romania

Yes, you are right. Stay Safe. This Will go away. Radu

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Thanks Victoria, take care! Stay healthy! Ma Lixian

We had plan to Elbrus this summer, but given the outbreaks of the novel coronavirus, many things may be subject to change. Let's wait and see. Hope everything will be back to normal soon! Chen

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Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Climbing / Mountaineering
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Climbing / Mountaineering

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