Elbrus climbing season 2019 is coming to its end. Welcome, season 2020!

30 October 2019

Elbrus climbing season 2019 started unexpectedly active in spring comparing ith the last year. In cold January two Romanians Radu and Radu were the first climbers of their country to climb both Eastern and Weatern Elbrus tops in one day.In spring first was an ice-climbing trip then came skitour group. From April all our guests intended to climb Mt. Elbrus.

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

This season we have had climbers from different countries: Switzerlans, Austria, Australia,USA,Taiwan,Korea,Romania,Great Britain, New Zealand, UAE, Pakistan, Iran, France, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Serbia and Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, Kazakhstan and of course our Russian climbers.

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

In 2019 climbing season Alpindustria Team greeted 414 Elbrus climbers. 389 guests reached the Elbrus summit – 5642 m, 29 people failed due to different reasons, among them bad feeling, unfit for climbing, nasty weather and others. But they were not much disappointed and plan coming next year being more prepared for it.

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

As a matter of fact the weather on Elbrus was rather friendly this year. Though in July it was unusually cold for this time of the year and too much rainy. In spite of it on the climbing day we were presented fine weather and we succeeded to reach the summit.

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

The British group who were traversing Elbrus from the North to the South could not climb the tip because of the weather coming for the worse. The traversed the saddle to the hotel for a short rest and the next day they were happy to reach the summit. The next was a wonderful day as the gift for their persistence.

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

In late September a single Canadian came for the climb. First four days were summer warm. But later on it came for the worst with the hurricane, snow  showers, invisibility all together which made the climb impossible. Safety is beyond discussion….. Well, it is so painful to come from the other side of the Earth and  to stay at the hut going nowhere. But the Mountain seemed to say, Well, it is enough for this year… And Michael, a Canadian climber, decided to have another attempt next year.

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

So next 2020 we will be happy to all those who failed to reach the Elbrus summit this year – and welcome to all new active life fans to join our Elbrus trips with our Alpindustria team! European  Highest Summit adventure – once in a lifetime!

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

Our best wishes to all the Elbrus trips participants of 2019. Enjoy your life with Alpindustira team.

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

We are grateful to all guides team who worked with us this season for their safe and highly professional work!

Oleg Koshkaryov

Alexander Sushko

Alexy Kirin

Alex Avtomonov

Oleg Paliy

Slava Migursky

Edward Nasyrov

Anatoly Andryuschenko

Eugeny Savenko

Eugeny Fedyunin

Dmitry Semyonov

Sergey Kovalyov

Dmitry Kosikov

Eugeny Ochkin

Danila Ovcharenko

Daniil Timofeev

Kate Belash

George Bushuyev

Ismail Kerimov

Sergey Pereyaslov

Edward Mollayev

Alex Baydayev

Alexander Gor’kusha

Alexander Ilyin

Victor Yanchenko

Эльбрус с АльпИндустрией

Please find all our offers and Caucasian office contacts on our website. See you in the mountains. With love, your Alpindustria team.  

Viktor Yanchenko

Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Climbing / Mountaineering
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Climbing / Mountaineering
Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus
Climbing / Mountaineering

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