Expedition to the Putorana Plateau

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Siberia is a continental territory full of mistery. Siberia is a land of Russian pride! Nowadays there remain less places in the world where the nature doesn´t reflect the results of human activity. The adventure team Alpindustria offers you a tour to one of theses places - The Putorana Plateau, unique and surprisingly little-known area situated at the northwest of Krasnoyarskiy Krai. It is a high-lying basalt plateau that is unrivalled for its beauty and relief peculiarity, as well as for the number of lakes (more than 25 thousand!) and waterfalls situated at such a high level. There are two climatic zones (taiga and forest tundra) on the territory of the Putorana Plateau.


Level of proficiency

Good physical training and stamina
from 99 000 руб.
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9 days / 8 nights
Tour manager
Kavaleva Elena

Kavaleva Elena

Telephone number: +7 (495) 229-50-70
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Day 1
Arrival of the group in Krasnoyarsk and flight to Svetlogorsk (3 hours flight).
Arrival in Svetlogorsk in the afternoon. Lunch and start of the route.
by powerrboats along the Kureika Reservoir to its end. The tent camp is organized near a small waterfall. Fishing at the mouth of the Miandra river. Have a rest
Day 2
Morning swimming and continue the route along Diupkun lake to the main camp in the area of the Gagaria-2 river. Visual exploration of multiple waterfalls. Visit to Fokinskiy waterfall.
Day 3
Powerboats visit to the waterfall "Two brothers".
Visit to two unnamed waterfalls and the waterfall "Two brothers" (trekking by taiga, 1,5 - 2 hours one way). Coming back to the main camp. Fishing. Romantic evening.
Day 4
Powerboats visit to Victoria waterfall.
Trekking underneath the fall. Coming back to the main camp. Fishing. Romantic evening.
Day 5
Powerboats visit to the waterfalls of the Gagaria-1 River and waterfall "Chashk"i. Walking excursions along the waterfalls.
Coming back to the main camp. Fishing. Romantic evening.
Day 6
Powerboats visit to Bolshoi Kureiskiy waterfall.
Trekking through taiga to the waterfall (1,5-2 hours one way).
Swimming in the natural "jacuzzi", photo shot. Overnight stop at the tent camp. Relax. Fishing. Romantic evening.
Day 7
Leaving the route (1,5-2 hours one way). Coming back to the main camp.
Follow along Diupkun lake ( by Powerboats) , the Kureika river and Kureika Reservoir to Svetlogorsk.
Day 8
Departure from Svetlogorsk to Krasnoyarsk.
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Price includes
Power boats
Assistant guide to provide tour functionality
Full board during the tour (breakfast and dinner - hot meals, lunch, snacks, tea and coffee in thermos, the meal is cooked by the group with the help and under the control of the guide). We provide the participants with menus and food.
Equipment and devices.
Tents, airbeds, utensils
Price does not include
Flight Moscow- Krasnoyarsk - Moscow (from 250 Euro)
Flight Krasnoyarsk - Svetlogorsk - Krasnoyarsk - about 250 Euro
Accommodation and meal in Krasnoyarsk (arrival/departure days) - from 15 Euro
Transfers from/to the airport (4 transfers)
Additional excursions in Krasnoyarsk (visit to the famous Stolby, highlights of Krasnoyarsk, visit to Divnogorsk, hydro-electric power station, Ovsianka village where the writer Astafiev was born, etc.)
Services of a chef
Services of an interpreter
Additional information
The tour is very intense. It is 100% possible to suffer storm on the lakes and reservoir. It means that we will have to wait and walk at night. Although the waterfalls are close to the rivers and lakes, active trekking will be necessary. As the tour crosses areas with unstable weather conditions unexpected program changes are possible due to the flight cancellations. ATTENTION! Maximum baggage weight per person - 20 kg.

The program can be changed due to:
- Tourists' request during the tour
- A guide decision because of storm
- Trekking light (with small backpacks)
During the tour we can find scalding sun, cold wind, steady rain, snow.
Due to the midnight sun phenomenon fishing is available 24 hours a day. It is better to have two spinnings. We recommend yellow jigs, white for bigger fish. Such fishes as grayling or vendace are better caught with small jigs, big flies, black, yellow, green with lurex, etc. It is recommended to have plugs, mice as well as gadgets to get hooks out of the fish. Types of fish: char, broad whitefish, taimen, pike, perch, burbot, grayling, vendace. Attention! Taimen is caught to let it free. The death of a taimen caused by a fisher is sanctioned with 10000 roubles not depending on the fish size.
The group pitches and dismounts tents and camp themselves, prepares meal, does washing up, carries baggage and equipment to the boat, loads and unloads the boat under control of a captain guide. The captain guide performs general supervision: helps preparing woods for fire and sauna, controls the power generator and air beds level, assists pitching a tent for group meetings and sauna, hands out food, accompanies the group to the waterfalls, drives the boat and attends it.
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